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Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Marcos

If you face criminal charges in Texas, you deserve the best criminal defense lawyer and someone with a strong track record of success. Remember, the state will devote considerable resources to convicting you. Contact one of our experienced San Marcos criminal defense lawyers today to safeguard your rights.

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During An Arrest

Were you or someone you care for recently arrested for a crime in San Marcos? We know you’re stressed, scared, and anxious about the future. The uncertainty of what is coming when you’re charged with a crime is often paralyzing. However, remember that a Texas criminal charge is just that – a charge. You haven’t been convicted. The prosecution must build the case beyond a reasonable doubt, and your San Marcos criminal defense attorney will work hard to poke holes in their case.

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Misdemeanor And Felony Punishments In Texas

There are two types of crimes in Texas:



Criminal Defense Attorneys in San Marcos


Class A Misdemeanor

Up to a year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine.


Class B Misdemeanor

Up to 180 days in jail and up to a $2,000 fine.


Class C Misdemeanor

A fine of up to $500.

Can I Get A Felony Charge Removed From The Records?

To get a felony arrest removed from your record, your attorney must get the case dismissed. Even if that happens, you still could have the charge on your record, which is a big problem. There are three ways that a felony case can be resolved to be expunged.


If the case is resolved, your attorney will petition the criminal court to have the police, arrest, and court records destroyed. This means the law could allow you to deny that you were ever arrested for a felony charge. All state agencies and employers would not know the case happened.


If you get deferred adjudication for a felony charge, you must complete all terms of probation to be eligible for the charge to be undisclosed. Felony non-disclosure means you can have your arrest and court records sealed. The police, prosecutor, and state licensing authorities can see the arrest record, but private employers cannot.


For the charge to be expunged, the felony case has to be resolved in one of these ways:


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What are the collateral effects of a serious criminal charge?

Experienced Trial Attorneys Ready to Handle Any Criminal Case in State or Federal Court

If you’re charged with a serious crime in Texas, your problems if you’re convicted are only part of the consequences. Jail time, probation, and fines are bad, but some issues will arise if you are just charged with a felony crime in Texas.


There is little doubt that being arrested for a serious crime in Texas – misdemeanor or felony – can have damaging life consequences, so speak to an attorney immediately.


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Most people have never needed a lawyer when they find themselves in need of legal advice. We hear the following questions from many of our clients. We hope the answers help clarify your options and considerations.

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