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"Mr. Mendoza was my lawyer, he is nothing more than professional and excellent at what he does he got back to me as soon as possible and let me know what needed to be done. His expertise and ability to communicate on my behalf made my situation go smooth and I was at ease knowing that this was going to be handled."

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Thumbs up!

"I have used Mr. Mendoza’s services twice with favorable results for me. I will definitely use his services again."

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Excellent Lawyer

"Six months ago I was in need of a good lawyer to get me out of some deep trouble. I ran into a couple of bad ones until I met Mr. Mendoza. He truly cares for his clients and he is specific and honest about outcomes. He put 100% effort into my case and now I can say that the justice system has come thru thanks to Mr. Mendoza."

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civil suit

"I hired David Mendoza to represent my sister Betty in a civil suit and he won the case and was very helpful with the whole case was always there to answer any questions she had for him ..and he was able bring the person involved in the case bring justice and found them guilty."

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Personal injury

"I hired Mr. Mendoza for two separate automobile accidents where I was injured in both and not at fault. He fought for the maximum benefit of $25,000 from my insurance, and that is what I received. The other party had no insurance. It was also a hit and run! The second was also the other parties fault and I received $9,000 for that one. Mr. Mendoza did an excellent job on my cases."

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Expungement done right!

"I needed my name cleared after dealing with bogus assault charge. David expunged the case fast and now I have no worries on background checks, and there's no trace of it on the internet anymore. Got the job done, 5 stars!"

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Great lawyer

"I hired Mr. Mendoza for cases that were a must win for me because my job depended on it and Mr. Mendoza came through every time, thank you Mr. Mendoza, much appreciate, I would recommend this attorney to anyone in need of a good, honest lawyer."

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"Mr. Mendoza helped me after I got the run-around with another lawyer from San Antonio. Mr. Mendoza is definitely a busy man but that is a reflection of his hard work and determination working in his clients best interest. I was facing a charge that carried 20 years maximum for what I considered self defense. Mr. Mendoza kept it real, and that's the reason I am where I'm at today. I believe he kept me well informed through the process and my opinion he seemed very knowledgeable of the law and judicial system. Mr. Mendoza also came to bat for to help me get off probation earlier than expected so I can get back on track with my career. I appreciate his mental fortitude and his consistency to help wherever he can."

News & Updates: Testimonial
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